Our strategy is focused on high impact gas appraisal and exploration projects located in Southeast Asia 

Our asset portfolio is proximal to existing under-supplied infrastructure and growing natural gas markets that yield robust energy prices. 


About Us

Conrad Petroleum is a private oil and gas exploration, development and production company domiciled in Singapore with its operational headquarters in Jakarta, Indonesia. We have an asset base focused on the shallow offshore waters of Indonesia targeting natural gas near existing infrastructure. Conrad is the Operator of all its permits, hence total control of the exploration and development process. The Company has a clear focus and strategy towards achieving exploration success, which is further solidified by its excellent working relationship with all the key stakeholders in the area, including the Government and local communities.

Conrad Petroleum is the holder of two Production Sharing Contracts (PSC's) in offshore Indonesia: Duyung PSC and Offshore North X-ray PSC. Conrad is continuing to assess new opportunities and has applied for numerous additional blocks to expand the geographical scope of its exploration program.

Conrad’s offshore Indonesian asset, Duyung PSC, contains a a very large gas accumulation with a lateral extent of approximately 340 km2 and at least three other high impact exploration prospects. Drilling and testing of the Mako South-1 well was successfully completed in June 2017 unlocking enormous natural gas potential in the region. The Plan of Development (POD) with the Government of Indonesia is underway.

Flaring natural gas during testing of the Mako South - 1 well

Flaring natural gas during testing of the Mako South - 1 well

OUR values

Each member is a proud ambassador of Conrad’s moral code, and thus is committed to upholding our values of courage, integrity, teamwork, respect, excellence, discipline and sustainability.

Courage: We believe in doing business the right way. We have the moral courage to stand up for what is right, and thus our actions and decisions reflect this desire.

Integrity: We believe in doing business the honest way. We view each of our partnerships as mutually beneficial and long term business relationships, and thus are transparent in our dealings.

Teamwork: We understand the critical importance of working together to achieve a common goal. We view teamwork as the foundation upon which success is built.

Respect: We treat others with both dignity and respect, regardless of their circumstances, situation or background. We strongly believe that everyone has the ability to bring something different to the table and make a contribution.

Excellence: We strive for success in all of our endeavours, and are committed to overcoming challenges and obstacles to produce the highest level of results.

Discipline: We work hard, we set a goal, we develop an approach and we achieve a successful outcome. All of our staff pride themselves on their unmatchable work ethic.

Sustainability: We understand the importance of being able to meet the needs of today’s society, whilst securing the needs of future generations. Thus, in all our actions and decisions we are committed to minimising our environmental footprint.