Focused on impactful appraisal and low risk exploration projects  in Southeast Asia which offer significant scalability of production, cash flows and reserves.

adding value through appraisal 

Conrad Petroleum operate within the appraisal phase of the oil and gas cycle as shown below which offers the best risk-adjusted return on investment.  Specifically, we are focused on "appraisal" activities that provide significant re-rating opportunities, enabling shorter investment-exist cycles. 

upstream oil and gas.jpg

Highly capital efficient E&P company, maximizing shareholder value through the following strategies:

  • Create value through appraisal and exploration activities; monetizing through full or partial divestment prior to development
  • Capitalizing on strong demand within high growth markets to monetize discoveries together with options into domestic and international markets
  • Leverage team’s extensive network of SE Asian and international contacts to build a strong pipeline of opportunities
  • Reduce risks and minimize costs by operating its projects  

Build a sustainable portfolio of SE Asian assets of sufficient scale to be attractive to a wide range of potential buyers

  • Current focus on shallow offshore waters of Indonesia near existing or readily built infrastructure, significantly reducing transportation and commercialization risks thereby significantly reducing financing risk